Frequently Asked Questions

The service can be paid by credit card through our gateway platform. Our team will help you if you encounter any problem.
To personalise colors and logo go to the "Customization" section of your control panel as a course administrator, there you will see the available options at Interactive Academy.
To pick the plan it is crucial to know the number of people to be trained in your company. From there on, you can select the plan that better suits your needs. You must remember that trainers also require a license in the system. If you need more details on plans click here.
Resources are all the elements that make up a course. Interactive Academy offers the following ones: Intetactive Videos, 3D Simulators, Virtual Reality, Gamified Platforms, Quizzes, PDF, Animated infographics, free activities, forums, padlet. You can combine them as you prefer whithin every module, to better suit the learning model you are applying.
To remove or add a student is quite a simple process. From your administrator profile you can access the section "people", search for the person you need to delete and with a click on "eliminate" or “deactivate”, you can remove them from the platform. You can also unlink a course by entering the section "group", and by choosing and removing the list of the group with the course associated to it.
Our intuitive, user-friendly interface will allow you to develop any course you may need. Our team will be ready to help if any doubts arise.
The number of students you can simultaneously have depends on the plan you have hired, if you still don't have a plan you can click here.